Business Development

GV is led by company builders who have built companies and organizations from the ground up. With experience in small, mid, and large size corporations: GV guides entrepreneurs and startups throughout the business development cycle from inception to exit. We're passionate about early stage startups that have a fail-fast approach, go through discovery, and find product-market-fit to scale; we'll sit in the trenches with each and every portfolio company.

Engineering, Data Modeling, and Science

Led by passionate entrepreneurs with a love for intellect and didactic instruction, GV assists with deeply technical issues, questions of critical modeling, and scientific applications. In support of technical teams: we'll have whiteboard sessions, go through your code in emergencies, help reverse engineer to troubleshoot, and help foster innovative product development.

Executive Management

GV is grounded on the belief that entrepreneurs are stewards of the future and leaders of tomorrow. This takes personal and professional values that convey empowered leadership, strong ethics, unwavering morality, and stubborn dogma. We mentor entrepreneurs through every aspect of startup development because we've been through - and survived - the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.


GV is focused on fledging, early-stage startups; this stage is the most critical and most important - it makes or breaks successful market entrants. Other times, we'll lead another round and we'll always see our portfolio companies through to follow-on funding through strategic investors, introductions, and networking.

Product Design

GV designs our own investment technology; therefore, we place design in a special place. Young and future generations have a more instinctive sense of user experience design and that places design as an inherent need in all our startups. Whether one is building a consumer app or enterprise suite, design equates to traction, loyalty, and profitability; we're here to help guide startups through a design philosophy and execution.