Global Health

Community Health
  • ŸWomen's Health: Maternal, Reproductive, Psychological.
  • Primary Care: Prevention and Education, Digital Health, FPM.
Health Sciences
  • Global Health Disease: Discovery, Translational, Service Delivery.
  • Global Health Economics: Behavioral, Social, Epidemiology.

Every country in the world deals with exact, similar, or overlapping constraints in healthcare systems, health conditions, disease, and disparities. At the Glazier Foundation, we focus on Global Health issues that transcend national borders as a means of prevention, innovation, and opportunity to advance global health sciences. In turn, these efforts will reduce disparities, mitigate threats, and create new standards and models of care around the world.

In order to empower communities to ensure independently run service models and systems of healthcare delivery, we focus on Community Health as well as the Health Sciences. We believe that Community Health ensures participatory development and Health Sciences ensures continued commitment to qualitative, quantitative, and discovery amongst developing health needs.

When tackling issues of mortality rate, clinical services, and health intervention, we have decided to focus on ensuring the next generation of female community leaders play a role in building solutions to current health issues. Not only are the leading causes of death among women in developing regions connected to their health (E.g. reproductive health) but also new research conveys that organizational leadership that include women are more efficient and sustainable over time. Our opportunity here is to empower the next generation of healthy communities by supporting increased inclusion of women in the healthcare needs of developing regions around the world.

We couple the emphasis on Community Health with continued support of the Global Health Sciences. History has shown us the qualitative and quantitative models that have prevented outbreaks and those that have ensured knowledge of the determinants of health issues. In our efforts to combat complex health issues, the need for a scientific approach that is data- driven lies at a high priority. Global Health Sciences initiatives include the design and development of infrastructure for implementing cutting-edge practices in developing regions across discovery, translation, and healthcare service delivery models.

Like our Global Development work, we know that the socio-economic and socio-cultural barriers to eradicating global health inequities need to be addressed in order to turn evidence into actionable solutions.

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