Global Development

Climate Change
  • ┬čEngineering: Architecture, Housing/Shelter, Water Systems.
  • Green: Renewables, Clean Energy, Technology.
  • Micro Economics: Microfinance, Credit, Insurance.
  • Macro Economics: Transportation, Infrastructure, Cities.

Countries around the world struggle with reaching a level of development that makes them substantial players on an international scale; these hard to reach, at-risk, and underserved populations have all the opportunity to leapfrog their development through innovation and long-term sustainability. At the Glazier Foundation, we believe that the most effective means to achieving a higher level of quality of life, economic development, literacy and all other measurable factors to capacity building starts and ends with empowering individuals, their communities, and their local infrastructure.

At a high level, the endemic issues of inequality and poverty can only be met with new systems of thinking within a holistic framework of multidisciplinary teams tackling complex problems bit by bit. We focus on two core areas: Climate Change and Economics.

Climate Change is an engineering problem that necessitates the application of technical expertise and solutions. We focus on both infrastructural opportunities such as architecture, housing development as well as water systems to resolve issues of shelter, employment, and sanitation respectively. Through financial and technical support, we bring a philosophy of self-empowerment through skills-based learning to ensure that communities are building their own solutions to generate their sustainability. Our Climate Change initiatives prioritize local staff, job creation, and a long-term strategy to elevate individual communities out of their own current conditions.

Economics is integral to the level of achievement that a community can participate in its self-sustaining development. By balancing the current environmental and social needs with economic factors, we ensure results that are sufficient for the supply, demand, and resources within each initiative. We focus on the applications of both micro and macroeconomics of individual communities; while the application can be delivered through different spectrums, common microfinance causes include Agriculture Development, Small Businesses, and Farming Systems.

We use financial instruments and our expertise in asset management to leverage the economic capacity for macroeconomic and large scale projects such as transportation needs and city development.

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